Health e arizona plus fax cover sheet

If you go paperless, you will be alerted by e-mail and/or text that you have a new letter in Health-e-Arizona Plus. While you are logged into Health-e-Arizona Plus, click on “Manage My Alerts and Notifications” in the tool bar to make these choices.

Health-e-Arizona Plus Health-e-Arizona Plus FFM Apply for SNAP = Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Nutrition Assistance) TANF = Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (Cash Assistance) Clinic SFS = Clinic-based Sliding Fee Scale programs County CAP = County-based Community Assistance Programs (CAP)(Pima and Santa Cruz Counties) Fax Cover Sheet. This classic fax cover template offers recipients all the info they need at a glance. ... Fax cover sheet (Academic design) ... Health and Fitness ...

may take up to 30 minutes for faxed documents to show in Health-e-Arizona Plus Recognition Issues – o Fax Order – The fax should be sent with the coversheet first and the supporting documents following. o Coversheet - Be sure the correct coversheet was used to fax the documents. The fax coversheet contains a barcode which correlates to the Application ID. If the fax is Please use the appropriate secure FAX number from the list below: Routine Correspondence: 844-869-2812 Durable Medical Equipment: 844-730-1367 Medical Review Documents: 844-730-1371 Other Health Insurance Updates: 844-730-1372 Legal Correspondence: 844-730-1370 ECHO Correspondence: 844-730-1368 > Who Would Benefit from the Fax Cover Sheet Templates? The Fax Cover Sheets benefit the sender as well as the receiver of these templates. Depending on the main communication intended between the receiver and the sender, Fax Cover Sheet Templates carry pertinent contact information to be communicated by the sender to the receiver which is also important for the receiver to understand as to ... Please note that after applying online, extra information must be faxed in order to complete your online application, Fax cover sheets can be obtained from the Health-E-Arizona Web site. Walk In / Fax Application Fax Cover Sheet Protocol. Download: Fax Cover Sheet Protocol. Please ensure that you are using a Confidentiality Statement on your fax cover sheets when sending patient information. The documents accompanying this facsimile transmittal are intended only for the use of the individual or entity to which it is addressed.

A decision was made to “go live” with Health-e-Arizona Plus (HEAplus) on Saturday, October 19, 2013. This date was selected because there is lighter system use on weekends, making it easier to manage the new system before the heavy work week use starts on Monday.