Cem3360 datasheet

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Such solution greatly minimize frequency modulation by PWM control circuit but allows PWM output be compatible with AS3340. Current consumption from negative and positive source is increased on 1 mA and these issue must be taken into account . All other electrical parameters - according to datasheet AS3340.pdf.

cem3310 cem3320 cem3328 cem3330 cem3340 cem3350 cem3360 cem3365 cem3372 cem3374 cem3378 cem3379 cem3387 cem3389 cem3394 cem3396 cem5508h cem5510 cem5530 cempd508 ... Dual voltage-controlled amplifier, pin-for-pin equal of CEM3360 on 14-pin DIP. The datasheet is here.

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