Microstructure of pure aluminum sheet

between steel and aluminum, during plasma arc welding the aluminum alloy base metal and filler wire melted to form weld pool while the ultra-high strength steel remained solid state. The aluminum was joined to steel by means of the atom diffusion and the steel/aluminum interface reaction. Therefore, the plasma arc welded joint has characteristics

Pure aluminium is quite soft and lacking in strength. In most applications various aluminium alloys are used instead because of their higher strength and hardness. The yield strength of pure aluminium is 7–11 MPa, while aluminium alloys have yield strengths ranging from 200 MPa to 600 MPa. 5 (a) Aluminum sample biaxially buckled at a 45 . (b) Close up microstructure of the compressed portion of the aluminum crushed sample. (50·). (c) Closed up microstructure of the bulk material of the aluminum crushed sample (50·).

Aluminum 1100 is a commercially pure aluminum. 1100 has excellent welding characteristics; it is also soft and ductile so is ideal for applications that require intricate forming as it work hardens slower than other alloys. 1100 is however non-heat treatable. The program material was supplied as cold-rolled sheets of 1 mm in thickness. The joining surfaces of the sheets were carefully cleaned with acetone and then the workpieces were welded as shown in Fig. 1. Specifically, the welding sheets were opened to make up the wedge-shaped-gap with an angle of 10° and the weld interface was irradiated by a 3 kW laser beam. Characteristic Microstructures Radomila Kone ná and Stanislava Fintová University of ilina Slovak Republic 1. Introduction 1.1 Copper Copper is non-polymorphous metal with face centered cubic lattice (FCC, Fig. 1). Pure copper is a reddish color (Fig. 2); zinc addition produces a yellow color, and nickel addition produces a silver color.

Trans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China 22(2012) s370−s375 Effect of pre-deformation on microstructure and mechanical properties of 2219 aluminum alloy sheet by thermomechanical treatment AN Li-hui 1,2 , CAI Yang 1 , LIU Wei 1 , YUAN Shi-jian 1 , ZHU Shi-qiang 2 , MENG Fan-cheng 2 1. Metallographic Aluminum Etchants Aluminum alloys are designated as either wrought or cast. Wrought aluminum alloys are classified by the major alloying element 1000 series pure aluminum (1050, 1060, 1199) 2000 series aluminum copper alloys (2014. 2024, 2219) 3000 series aluminum ma managese alloys (3003, 3004, 3102)