Sheet glass thickness of plastic

Our clear polycarbonate sheets offer unique durability making it an almost unbreakable form of plastic. With 30x the impact strength of standard acrylic sheets and over 250x the impact strength of glass at the equivalent thickness, our solid polycarbonate sheeting is perfect for use in the roofing industry.

Acrylic sheets, also referred to as “plexiglass” or “Plexiglas”, are often used as an alternative to glass sheeting. Plexiglass sheets offer similar transparency to glass, but they are more durable and relatively shatter-proof. Acrylic sheeting can be used to replace window panes, protect surfaces or even hold items as shelving. Plastics are typically grouped by Film and Sheets. Plastic Films have a thickness of 0.040" or less while Plastic Sheets have a thickness greater than 0.040". Plastics are also grouped by Stock: Film Stock is used for smaller strips, whereas sheet stock for much wider applications.

(2) SEVES Nubio Clear Wave Glass Block (Common: 8-in H x 8-in W x 4-in D; Actual: 7.75-in H x 7.75-in W x 3.875-in D) Enter your location. for pricing and availability. Xinhai Plastic Sheet Co.,Ltd Is A Factory Specializing In Polycarbonate Hollow Sheets, PC Solid Sheets, Plastic Corrugated Sheets and Related Accessories With 18 Years Experience, Have Passed ISO9001:2008 and SGS certification.We Have Our Own Factory, We'll Provide You With Our Good Quality Products, Competitive Price and Best Service. Our glass plastic sheets are available in different thicknesses to suit any project with the ability to let plenty of light through and the heat in. These sheets are easy to maintain and clean and can be transported much easier than fragile glass panes. Buy Perspex acrylic sheets cut to size with our made to measure instant online plastic sheet quoter, available in all colours from Laminated glass is a type of toughened glass. It is made by sandwiching two pieces of glass together with a tough sheet of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) plastic between them. The glass and the plastic are bonded using heat and pressure so that they become one. The result is a tough type of glass that will withstand hard blows from a solid object. Shop plastic sheeting & film in the insulation & accessories section of Find quality plastic sheeting & film online or in store.

"Plexi-Glass" is a trademark name for Acrylic. Some like to use Lexan but it is more expensive and there is no need unless you need your window bullet proof. <"i was wondering what is the common thickness for a peice of plexi-glass (with the intent to use as a case window)?"> My preference is 1/8" thick Crystalite for the window. Shop for Acrylic Sheets, Acrylic Rods, Acrylic Tubes, Acrylic Cements, Fabricating Supplies, Resins, Welders, Engravers & more at Delvie's Plastics, the most trusted name in Acrylic & Plexiglass. MarShield’s Leaded Acrylic / Plastic is the shatter-resistant, versatile answer to all of your x-ray shielding needs! Our Lead acrylic is not lead glass. It’s a unique, versatile, transparent plastic that contains 30% lead by weight. It combines superb light transmission with effective radiation protection.