Western electric 350b datasheet

1 matched pair) 350B Western Electric used/test like new "O" getter halos same date codes (7413=1974) in WE boxes 1 tube) 95.5ma Gm=8450 1 tube) 100ma Gm=8200 Tested on Amplitrex at 350B data sheet settings: Vplate=250V Vscreen=250V Vgrid=-14V Data Sheet NOS Ma = 90-93ma Data Sheet NOS Gm = 8200-8300

A collection of electron tube specifications from the Western Electric Library. Documents are available in PDF format.

western electric. 171c output tranformer. one pair vintage western electric 171c output transformer can be use with 6l6 or 350b tubes. all terminal measure with meter is all ok. please see conditions in picture for more detail. Valve Art VA 350B Matched Quad Description. TETRODE Reproduction of Western Electric 350B. Price is for a matched quad. Get Restock Notification. Western Electric rental phones from Ma Bell, or just the idea that phones were once an appliance wired into your home by a technician. (Bchro****) Best picks from AS&S for today: Binoculars for son 2, Western Electric rotary phone for daughter 3, and a rubber chicken for son 1.

FOR SALE NATIONAL UNION 350b tubes Made by Western Electric in the 1950’s, they exhibit the exact same desirable features as the Western Electric 350B. The National Union (Western Electric made) 350B tube the filament current draw of 1.6 amp which takes a much longer time to heat up for the 350B v ... Yes, I've heard them & compared to a few others - very good, I have seen most marked National Union, who I believe made them for WE. They are very lush sounding, good detail, deep and good bass.