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Note that on starboard tack the mainsheet must be on the forward winch and that grinding is hindered; you cannot turn the handle more than 120 degrees. However, if the main is already mostly in, a rocking motion works fine for trimming. If your genoa sheets more forward the track will be further forward and the problem goes away.

Sep 14, 2011 · Criminal Mischief has been turbo'd with a square-top (as opposed to a regular "pinhead") mainsail, which requires two separate backstays, one for port tack and one for starboard tack. Out of every tack upwind I would be winding them up to almost 12,000 lbs of load on a large Harken winch, usually with the help of a 260 lbs Kiwi sailor Rodney.

The Concept Why Sheet-to-Tiller Self- Steering? The Pearson Ariel is a wonderful little boat. Although only 25 ft, seven inches in length, 8 ft in beam, and with a water line length of only 18 ft, six inches, she was designed to dig her rail into the sea and run faster than her nominal hull speed. Went out for a sail to check out the new stack pack and lazy jacks were OK and on way back up river (I was reaching on starboard tack) were several boats of varying sizes beating on Port tack. I stand on, watching approaching boats. Next thing I see in the bows of the closest boat (and biggest by far) is a chap waving madly.

February 17 2015 Complete Agenda. ... Ocean Place & Starboard Tack ... fastened to interlocking steel sheet piling to an elevation minus 8.59.3 feet below mean sea level, Automotive and motorcycle dictionary and encyklopedia, automotive terms and abbreviations, Automobile manufacturers and car models - detailed technical specifications, comparisons, charts, automotive superlatives, car images, logos, automotive dictionary But what if that does not suit your race plan? If you want to keep going on your existing tack then begin to ease the sheets and steer a course to go behind him. It is important to have the sheets uncleated and ready for a further ease or a big dump if the dipping manoeuvre is mistimed and the starboard tacker looms closer than you thought. 3 Starboard Tack. 14 likes · 3 were here. Located within Hilton Head's Palmetto Dunes neighborhood, 3 Starboard Tack is a newly-upgraded four-bedroom... Hornblower, in the stern-sheets of the Queen Charlotte, saw the specks of light dancing on the towpath—they gave him an indication of the turns the river was making, and just enabled him to steer a safe course, although twice his heart was in his mouth as the side of the boat brushed against the reeds at the river bank. It was quite dark when ...